Factors To Consider When Choosing The Right Stripper Heels


stripers require a good heel when performing for single or multiple audiences. They are important parts of their appearance and overall show. Stripper shoes can either be clear or colored, but the high block or platform heel is standard. Picking the correct shoe is not simple. The process can be lengthy, especially if it’s your first buy. This article outlines the factors to consider when buying stripper heels.

How to select stripper heels

There are various styles for these shoes to match different personalities. Knowing what you want and expect from the shoes makes shopping easier. However, as a first-timer, consider the following.

1.Height of the stripper heels

These heels are usually over 3 inches tall and can go to 7 inches. The shorter the heel, the more practical and comfortable it is. Experienced strippers walk and dance in 6-inch heels comfortably. Few others wear 7-inch heels; however, they are mostly for aesthetic purposes like posing for pictures. As a new buyer, go for lower inches until you learn how to walk in them and work your way up. Short girls look better in a higher heel, while a low heel would be suitable for tall girls.

2.Style of the heel

Stripper heels come in multiple style designs like slides, sandals, pumps, peep-toe pumps, and many more. Your choice of style depends on the purpose of the shoe. For walking only, the strapless designs will do. But, dancing requires something firm that doesn’t slip off your leg; hence an ankle boot or those with straps are perfect. Some heel styles give the illusion of elongated legs, while others make you look sophisticated.

3.Size of the stripper heels

Note that these shoes are already high, so getting what fits is vital for your safety. It s easier to walk around with fitted shoes than ill-fitted ones. Correct sizing is easier in physical shops than online stores. Make sure you consult the seller on the size conversion or use the provided size chart before making any order. Stripper shoes vary in size based on their style, height, and brand. For example, you may need a bigger size for an ankle boot than a strappy heel sandal. Never assume that every size six shoe will fit. It may be a small sizing in some and a standard in others.

4.Heel design

The designs go hand in hand with style. The platform can be clear, hollow, solid, hidden, neon, etc. You can pick a design to match your outfits, like color or detail. Other than the heel platform, the rest of the shoes is also important. It can be leather material: genuine leather, patent or PU leather, satin, plastic, latex, studded, sequins, or any other available material. It’s advisable to pick several designs to alternate on different occasions.

Bottom line

Professional dancers mostly wear stripper shoes. However, anyone can wear them depending on the occasion and comfort levels. As much as the style and design vary, the prices also differ. Some are of better quality, like the genuine leather design so the price is high. Others are favorably priced but still look and feel good. Consider the size of the shoes and the height of the heel before buying for maximum comfort and safety.

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